About Us

Kate Easter, owner of Sixpenny Childcare

Kate Easter, owner of Sixpenny Childcare

If you’re looking at childcare nurseries in Devizes Wiltshire, can we help?

“We all know that finding good child care is not easy.  When I was looking for a nursery for my own children, I knew exactly what I wanted: a nursery that was small enough for the children to know everyone and make friends; and in a place where they could play in the fresh air and enjoy the surroundings, and not be in the same room all day.

I took the best – and worst – of my own child care experience and developed our  nurseries. We offer child care based on sound knowledge and experience, in small settings so we can get to know each child individually.  The environment is homely, loving, comfortable and traditional, and in the rural locations I wish I’d found for my own children.

If you’re looking for good child care in Devizes, please come and see us.  I think you’ll like what you find.”

Kate Easter, Proprietor


The lovely thing about rural nurseries in Devizes

Country locations mean outdoor playing, learning and growing – a big part of everyday life at all our nurseries. We have bright, airy rooms inside, with plenty to keep our children engaged and busy; we have our own big enclosed gardens and at Roundway our all weather surface with play equipment can be enjoyed all year round.  Our woodland at Roundway has a farm area where Bruno, Noodles and Barney our three gorgeous pygmy goats live.  Our children love playing with the goats and ducks, feeding and caring for them. We have our own sports field with extensive equipment and weekly sports and activity sessions to encourage healthy children.

Getting out and about

A healthy lifestyle is a very important part of our children’s development, helping them to grow fit and strong. We encourage the children to run, play, climb, and cycle, and to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air whatever the temperature! Our favourite phrase is ‘There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing’. That’s why we like the children to keep a pair of wellies at the nursery, ready for any eventuality! 

Growing in the garden

Our nurseries have lovely big gardens where the children enjoy planting vegetables, watering and tending them as they grow. This helps them learn where their food comes from, and introduces them to new tastes. Our staff also introduce healthy foods from various cultures as part of the planning for the Early Years Foundation Stage.  They plan cooking sessions so the children can see which ingredients need to be used and we use the produce from the garden as much as possible. The children certainly enjoy sampling the results!