Sixpenny nurseries policies and procedures


A complete set is available in our reception areas for parents to view at any time. We know how busy life can be, so we’ve summarised some of the main policies below.

Child Protection

At Sixpenny we work with the children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of children and to give them the very best start in life. As a nursery registered with Ofsted, we are required to follow the Child Protection Procedure agreed through the Area Child Protection Committee in Wiltshire. As a nursery involved in the care of your child we will try at all times to share with you any concerns we may have. However we do have a duty to refer to Social Services if we suspect that child abuse is taking place. Our first concern will always be the welfare of your child. We have a copy of the Child Protection in Wiltshire Procedure and Guidance for you to see if you wish. If an allegation of abuse is made against a member of staff or a volunteer you should immediately contact Kate Easter. If necessary this matter would in turn, then be dealt with by the local Social Services Department and Ofsted.

Complaints Procedure

Our intention is to work in partnership with parents. Many concerns can be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desired result a full copy of our complaints procedure is displayed on our parents’ notice board and in our Policy and Procedure folder.

Equal Opportunities

Sixpenny believes that their activities should be open to all children. We aim to ensure that all adults who wish to work at Sixpenny have an equal opportunity to do so. Sixpenny recognises and welcomes legislation and existing codes of practice for the promotion of equal opportunities.

Procedure for Special Needs

Children’s all round development is monitored through assessments and reports made by the staff. Concerns are raised by staff to the Special Educations Needs Co-coordinator (SENCO). With parents’ permission, the SENCO for Sixpenny will carry out a number of observations on the child. The findings from the observations are shared with the parents and room supervisor in order for a plan to be put into action.